Calvary Presbyterian Church
120 South Street - Newburgh, New York 12550
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"A place of RENEWAL in a RENEWING city."

This page continues the tour of the stained glass windows at Calvary Presbyterian Church on  the north wall from the west to the east.


We now start at the front of the sanctuary on the north wall.  The first window here tells of the meeting of "Jesus and Martha" as she ran out of the house to meet Him after the death of her brother Lazarus. The scroll over the head of Christ reads "I am the Resurrection and the Life" and the scroll over Martha's says, "Thou are the Christ, the Son of God." In the circle above the window there is a cross with conventional tracery in rich color. It was given by Dr. Henry D. Nicoll in memory of his mother. At the bottom of the window on one panel is the inscription "1815 Arietta Nicoll. 1895" and on the other the words "So he giveth his beloved sleep
Continuing toward the east, the next window is the scene in the temple when a youthful "Christ Confronted the Rabbi," as told in the second chapter of Luke. The circle above shows the scripture quotation "Wist ye not. I must be about my Father's business?" The window depicts the columns of the temple, with the hill and sky beyond.  In the left panel is the young Christ and standing behind him is a Rabbi with a look of astonishment. In the other panel, are three more Rabbis all with similar looks of surprise. The inscription at the bottom is "In loving memory of Eleanor Mackie and-Margaret Sewell, daughters of William K. and Anna B. Hall"
The third window on this side is the "Adoration of the Magi" as recorded in the second chapter of Matthew. In the circle is the inscription "We are come to worship Him." The picture in left panel is that of the Virgin Mary with the Child in her arms, and in the right panel are the three Wise Men bringing their gifts and falling down in worship before Him. Behind them is the framework of the stable, the outline of the back of a camel and in the distance the skyline of a hill. The inscription at the bottom of the-window is "In memory of John Schoonmaker and his wife, Mary A. Vail, by their grandsons, John and Samuel V. Jr."
The next window represents "Jesus as the Good Shepherd," from the tenth chapter of John. In the circle above the window is the inscribed with "I am the Good Shepherd." The scene is a landscape with a cross in the distance. On the left is the figure of the Christ with a lamb in His arms and on the right, a flock of sheep descending a hill, following Him. The inscription at the bottom reads: "As a memorial to Helen Thornton by her children and grandchildren."
The fifth window on the north side shows two apostles, "Peter and Paul." The scriptural quotation in the circle states "Commit thy ways unto the Lord." On the left is the full-length figure of the apostle Paul and on the right, the apostle Peter. At the bottom of this window appears "In memoriam. Robert Hawthorne Boyd" and "In memoriam Catharine Lansing Boyd."
The window that is in the northeast corner of the sanctuary, depicts the "Resurrection of Christ" by showing the women at the tomb on Easter morning, as recorded Mark, the sixteenth chapter. The scriptural quotation in the circle reads "He is risen. He is not here." The picture is of the opening of a tomb illuminated by the angel in the right panel.  She sits on the stone which was rolled away from the tomb, her forefinger pointing upward.  The panel on the right shows three women bearing their offerings of sweet spices for the anointing. The inscription at the bottom of the window reads "In loving memory of Bessie, daughter of George and Sarah E. Field."

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