Calvary Presbyterian Church
120 South Street - Newburgh, New York 12550
- Phone:  (845) 562-8730

"A place of RENEWAL in a RENEWING city."

The stained glass windows at Calvary Presbyterian Church depict scenes of the life and times of Jesus Christ.  These windows surround the sanctuary at 120 South Street, Newburgh, New York.  Our tour of the windows, starts from the southwest corner of the church, along the south wall to the east, then on the north wall from the west to the east.  We hope you enjoy this closer look at the treasures we share at Calvary.

The first window on the south wall depicts the "Call of Peter and Andrew" as told in Matthew 4:18-20.  In the circle above is the scripture quotation "Follow Me. I will make you fishers of men." Pictured is the shore of the Sea of Galilee with the outline of a mountain in the background. In the panel on the right, the Lord is portrayed with welcoming hands extended toward the panel on the left.   Here are represented two disciples, Peter and Andrew with fishnets on the shore by their feet and a ships mast and rigging are behind them. The inscription at the bottom of the window is "In Memoriam -Moses Cook Belknap - February 2nd. 1832 - October 3rd 1892."

The next window, moving toward the back of the church, is a depiction of the "Annunciation to the Virgin" as told in the first chapter of Luke. The scripture quotation in the circle above reads "My soul doth magnify the Lord."  In the panel on the left, the angel is telling Mary of the favor she has found with God and of the forthcoming birth of the Divine Son. In the other panel Mary is shown, surprised by the appearance of the angel and by her announcement. The inscription at the bottom reads "In loving memory of Charles B. and Anna M. Armstrong by their daughter Harriet E. Barclay."

The third window shows the visit of "Jesus with Nicodemus", told about in the third chapter of John. In the circle above is the scripture quotation "Ye must be born again." The visit takes place at night, and the full moon is shown in the sky.  You will also notice an ancient lamp hanging in the room. Christ is portrayed on the left panel and on the right is Nicodemus listening to His instructions. The inscription at the bottom is "In memory of Charles B. Royce, his wife, Ellen Brett, and their daughter, Alletta Bogardus Royce."

The fourth window on the south side of the sanctuary represents the "Miraculous Catch of Fishes" as recorded in the fifth chapter of Luke. In the circle at the top is the quotation "Fear not: from henceforth thou shall catch men." The panel on the right shows the three disciples, Peter, James and John, in their fishing boat on the Sea of Galilee.  They are straining to pull in a net filled with fish. In the opposite panel is Jesus, having told them to cast the net on the other side. The inscription at the bottom of the picture is "In memoriam George Thomas Smith and Augusta Jordan, his wife."

The window nearest the back of the sanctuary on the south wall includes full-length portraits of the "Apostles John and James." The scripture quotation in the circle above reads "He that loveth not, knowth not God. for God is love." Both apostles are portrayed in the conventional way, John with a chalice in his hand, and James with a staff. At the bottom of the window is the inscription: "In loving memory of Mary Ann Johnes, wife of Samuel Williams, Esq. given by her granddaughter. Mary Forsyth."

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