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"A place of RENEWAL in a RENEWING city."


PresbyBuild is a  community build led by thirteen Presbyterian churches of the Hudson River Presbytery, joined as partners with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh to demonstrate Presbyterian mission in the inner city. The church congregations actively involved are:

Bethlehem Presbyterian, Salisbury Mills
Calvary Presbyterian, Newburgh
Cornwall Presbyterian
First Presbyterian, Chester
First Presbyterian, Goshen
First Presbyterian, Highland
First Presbyterian, Marlboro
First Presbyterian, Monroe
First Presbyterian, Montgomery
First Presbyterian, Phillipstown
First Presbyterian, Washingtonville
Scotchtown Presbyterian Church
Union Presbyterian, Balmville
Hudson River Presbytery


The Project and the Church / Presbytery Mission Statement
Our Vision is “nurturing Christian spirit, encouraging community, bridging differences.” Our Mission, as the Presbytery of Hudson River, is to support and equip our members and churches in Christian ministry within our communities, and to bear collective witness to God’s work among us regionally, nationally, and globally. 

Numbers of churches working together to raise the consciousness of the community to make poverty housing unacceptable will provide powerful advocacy for our mission. We have collectively come to the decision that we must do something about the problem of poverty housing in our community. By cutting across the racial, cultural, and religious boundaries in the community to work together in building a house, our congregations can experience great spiritual renewal. Lives are changed not only for the partner family strengthened both materially and by witnessing Christ’s love in volunteers and donors building on faith, but also for those volunteers and donors inspired by the tangible outcome of the project.

Methods / Work Plan

An increasing number of member churches have been meeting for over a year with a common goal of sponsoring a home to be built in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. The Presbyterian mission provides leadership for a larger project, that of building a row of houses and adjacent rehabs with the goal of turning around a neighborhood.

The Habitat affiliate provides:

The building site and plans
A homeowner family screened for willingness to partner, ability to pay, and need
Construction supervision and direction
Legal work for closing and processing a mortgage
Guidance and resources to help the churches organize and promote the building 

The congregations agree to:

Pray for the ministry of Habitat
Provide the funds and/or in-kind contributions needed to build the house 
Provide volunteers to work on the project. 


PresbyBuild 1 - 342 Liberty Street
Home of the Robinson Family


PresbyBuild 2 - 202 South Street
Home of the Corrales Family


PresbyBuild 3 - 14 East Parmenter
Home of the Meade Family


PresbyBuild 4 - 1132 Benkard Avenue
Home of the Salazar Family


PresbyBuild 6 - 10 Catherine Street
Home of the Gunera Family


PresbyBuild 6 - 33 East Parmenter Street
Home of the Isreal Jackson

Note and Drawing from Luz Corrales (age 10)


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